Gastronomy hides true wonders, experiences and ecstasies while top chefs create absolutely the best with a combination of traditional recipes and a new modern twist, approach, processing and preparation to fulfill your deepest gastronomic aspirations! Thus the tradition provides an excellent foundation as it is slowly complemented by advanced modernism thus making gastronomy a perfectly balanced delicacy.

This is exactly what we are most proud of - the deep roots that we have nurtured for over twenty years with some new and modern ways and approaches to achieve extraordinary flavors and provide you with a true experience and ecstasy of flavors and aromas.

Our restaurant is known for quality fish and seafood. We please the true sea souls who are in search of the most delicious recipes of our greatest depths of the sea, and we also please all meat lovers - to achieve superior meat flavors, of course, you need top quality ingredients and that is why a collaboration with The M brothers happened.Their top-quality production of home-grown meat provides the foundation for safe and healthy food, as well as the foundation of our excellent recipes and all meat specialties. What makes The M brothers stand out is their guiding principle - the health of the country and animals is crucial for the production of healthy and top quality meat, so their animals are never treated with additives and hormones, which really affects the final top quality of the meat itself.

Our rich menu meets the high requirements of true lovers of meat delicacies, as well as lovers of the sea depths - the range of offers is truly rich, so you, along with all your senses, will be completely satisfied and you will get to know a true gastronomic experience!